TV Cabinet

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  • Stylish furniture, customised your way
Create a home that’s as unique as you are. Use the USM Haller system to design individual and timelessly stylish furnishings.
Stylish furniture, customised your way
Use the USM Haller system to design pieces of furniture perfectly tailored to your home. From an almost endlessly versatile set of standard parts, create a small sideboard, whole-wall shelving, or almost anything else you can imagine.
A constant of the USM Haller is its chrome ball-and-tube frame. Everything else - colour, size, shape, functionality - is up to you. Discover the vast possibilities of the system using our interactive online configurator.
When you’re ready, our expert team will work with you to design the perfect furniture for your home. Then we’ll build it to order, deliver and install it.
Colours and finishes
Build pieces of USM Haller furniture with any combination of 14 iconic USM colours. Possibilities range from chic minimalism to a full festival of hues and tones.

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