Return Policy

Aptdealz Buyer Hub & E-Trading Private Limited has a three-day return policy, which implies that refund requests must be submitted within three days following the delivery of the product, including the date of delivery. The following terms and conditions apply to this:

1. If the buyer wants to revise, modify, or cancel the order after making payment, they can do so within one hour of making payment by navigating through the 'order history' and selecting the 'cancel' button adjacent to the corresponding order.
2. The following are the instances in which eligibility for a refund arises:

i) When the product is delivered, it has physical damage (pictures are to be uploaded with a date).
ii) When the product is delivered, it is not in working condition (pictures are to be uploaded with a date).
iii) In the case of partial damage, just the damaged part must be returned (pictures are to be uploaded with a date).

3. All returned items must be in brand new and unused condition, with all original attachments, accessories, tags, labels, etc. attached to them.
4. Damages and issues that occur after the use of the product as a result of improper handling or intentional damage caused by the buyer will not be accepted.
5. Returns of accessories and consumables that have been used and show signs of normal wear and tear are not accepted under the returns policy.
6. Aptdealz Buyer Hub & E-Trading Private Limited service team and supplier service team may inspect returned items to confirm the problems or issues raised.
7. Buyers can opt for replacement only, and cash refunds are at the sole discretion of Aptdealz Buyer Hub & E-Trading Private Limited.
8. In addition to the bank processing time, if the refund is requested in the customer’s bank account, an additional processing time of up to two weeks or as per the concerned bank’s policy may be needed.
9. The cost of shipping or transportation, if any, is non-refundable under any circumstance. In addition to this, transaction handling expenses and payment gateway charges will also be deducted.
10. The maximum compensation given to the buyer will be the amount remitted by them.
11. Returns or claims filed after 4 days of product delivery will not be covered by the returns policy. However, if applicable, the manufacturer's warranty policy will be covered.
12. We currently operate in India, so this policy will only apply to transactions made within India.