Brass Flash Back Arrestor

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  • ESAB Protex RO Flashback Arrestor, For Welding Machine
Product Details:
Esab Protex Is The Flashback Arrestors Designed To Eliminate Explosion Or Fire Caused By Flashback.
The Flashback Arrestor Fits Perfectly On Regular Outlet.
It Is Fitted With A Large Capacity Filter That Allows Unrestricted Fitted Flow Gas Flow During Normal Operations.
Incorporates A High Capacity Flame-arresting Element That Puts Out Flame In Case Of Flashback.
A Non-return Valve Is Fitted Next To Filter.
It Seals The Passage And Avoids Reverse Gas Flow And Opens Again When The Pressure Of Reverse Gas-flow Is Reduced.
A Thermo-sensitive Cut-off Valve Cuts Off Gas Before Reaching Ignition Temperature To Eliminate Incidence Of Fire.
There Is Also A “Shock-wave” Activated Cut-off To Stop Gas Flow Through Arrestor. The Valve Closes When Pressure Drops To 1.5 Bar.
Hence, Even During Powerful Flashback, Explosions In Hose Are Eliminated.
The Safety-reset Button Is “Fail Sate” And Cannot Be Made Operative By Tying Down.

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