Butane-Powered Soldering Gun

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  • Wireless Soldering Iron Kit 80 W Temperature Controlled (Flat, Pointed, Round, Conical Tip)

3-In-1 Multi-Function: Soldering Iron, Mini Torch, Heat Blower. A Truly Versatile Soldering Iron Gun For Many Applications Such As Automotive Wire Repair, Fine Jewelry Repair, Electronic PCB and Computer Motherboard Repair, and More Butane Powered: Refilling in Less Than 20 Seconds. Can Operate Up to 40 Mins With Single Refilling. Heat Output Range From 30W to 125W. Since It Is Gas Powered Therefore Does Not Require Electricity to Operate Self-Ignite: Just Turn On The On/Off Gas Switch And Pressing The Ignite Button The Unit’s Will Light Up and Heat Chamber Will Glowing With Orange Flame Adjustable Flame: Adjust The Temperature and Heat Output With Ease Just Move The Slider to Control Amount of The Gas Output Portable and Light Weight: Only Weight About 4oz, Can Fit Inside The Pocket, Backpack or Tool Box. [Note: Butane is not included

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