Laser Welding Machine

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  • Fiber lasers use rare earth doped fibers as the gain medium. Due to the fine fiber core in the fiber laser, it is easy to form a high power density in the fiber under the action of the pump light, resulting in a laser energy level "inversion of the number of particles" of the laser working substance
Laser Marking Machine's working principle is that to make use of fiber laser to generate laser and export the laser with optical fiber and then cooperate with optical high-speed scanning galvanometer for workpiece marking, the core of which is fiber laser source. The term “LASER” is an abbreviation of Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, a light wave of single wavelength that has not been adulterated. The laser marking machine comprises of an oscillator that is responsible for amplifying laser light as it reciprocates between the reflecting mirrors. Normally, the materials that are considered compatible with the fiber laser marking machine are metals, coated metals, glass, plastics, stone, etc. Additionally, it is also used in the cylinder and flexographic plates marking. The Co2 laser is mostly preferred with the machine to perform these applications that produces the print ready surface by evaporating the sleeve material and rubber plates.

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