MIG Welding Torch

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  • Mig Welding Torch 24KD CO2 250 Amp. With Euro Connection 10 feet (3 meters) Air Cooled Fit for Mig Mag European Welding Machine Equipment Tool
【Technical Specification】: The whole length of our welding gun is up to 10Feet/3meters. It is long enough for long-distance work. Comes Standard with 1.00 mm copper contact tip. Duty Cycle 60% at 250 Amp. with CO2 and 220 Amp. with Mixed Gases
【Solid Material】- This welding torch with pure copper joints and oxygen-free super flexible mono cable for the welding safety. CNC integrated processing, optimal pure brass copper.
【Durable Housing】- With rubber and nylon casing for better hand-feel, durability, and stability. Direct replacement to the OEM's Torches.
【Ergonomic Rubber Torch】: This welding gun torch features a high-pressure rubber tube so it can resist oil, aging, corrosion, acid, and alkali. Besides, it is flexible to be extended to dead corners.

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