PVC French Doors

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  • Type of Glass Single/Double/Triple Glazing Toughened Reflective/Tinted/Frosted Laminated Frame Color White, Light Oak, Walnut, Mahogany
An evergreen choice French Door features two sashes hinged on the sides. These sashes can open into the room or out into the balcony, giving you maximum opening and ventilation. A classic door style that looks elegant even now and complements any home style.

Ecoveta manufactures French Door using the new-age framing material 'uPVC' which has certain definite advantages over traditional materials like wood and aluminum. Read below to know the difference

Reasons To Choose Fenesta uPVC Over Wood:

Retains Shape For Years:

Changes in the moisture content of air cause wood to expand or contract which leads to the distortion of windows and doors whereas.
Climatic variations have negligible impact on Ecoveta uPVC Doors and Windows

Keeps Lookings Good For Years Together:

Wooden windows and doors tend to get discolored and faded when exposed to harsh sun rays whereas.
Ecoveta proprietary uPVC formulation, comprising of special additives, ensures all our windows and doors retain shape, color, and luster for long even when exposed to temperature variations or intense UV radiations.

Termite Resistant:

Wood is extremely prone to termites whereas.
Ecoveta Doors windows made from uPVC are termite proof

Prevents Deforestation:

Wood leads to deforestation and harms environmental balance whereas.
Ecoveta windows and doors are made from uPVC – a green material, thus reducing the dependence on wood and preventing deforestation

Reasons To Choose Fenesta Over Aluminium:

Keeps Your Room Cooler in Summers:

Aluminum is a good conductor of heat as a result windows and doors made from it, allow easy transfer of heat from outside to inside
Ecoveta windows and doors are made from uPVC, a poor conductor of heat, which insulates your home against outside heat

Reduces Electricity Bills:

As aluminum windows and doors allow easy transfer of heat, the AC of your room needs to run more frequently to keep the room cool whereas.
Ecoveta superior heat insulation helps room retain its cool, thus AC runs less often reducing your electricity bills

Environment Friendly:

Aluminum consumes a large amount of energy in its conversion
Ecoveta uPVC needs very less energy for its conversion making eco-friendly

Doesn't Corrode:

Aluminum corrodes if not properly installed
uPVC’s inherent material characteristics prevent corrosion of Ecoveta windows and doors

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