Electric Router

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  • Electric Router 1600W With Plunge Capacity 0-60mm RT160028

A versatile router for all your cutting, routing, shaping, and sanding needs, this lightweight tool can be used with a variety of materials.
It's durable 1-piece construction improves durability and performance.
It's an easy-to-use router.
Ingco RT160028 Electric router is having a 1pcs coping ring, aluminum guide fence,1 set carbon brush, parallel guide.
It is powered by a high speed motor and made to work in a heavy duty environment.
The router has a lit up display and a user-friendly interface for simple setup and control.
Crosscuts can be done quickly and accurately.
For a more comfortable grip, the handle has been designed with ergonomics in mind.
The device is strong and long-lasting.
Its small and lightweight design makes it simple to use.

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