Solder Wires

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  • Solder Wire with Rosin core Flux 60/40 Tin Lead for Aluminium Soldering Non Toxic Low Heat Professional Solder
High Quality Ferrule wire Terminals Connector Kit accommodates Wire Range: 22-10 A.W.G, 0.5-6.0 sq. mm. Electrical connectors allow visual inspection and provided a waterproof seal
HOW TO USE : They are Easy To Crimp. 1. Braid the Wire. Strip the insulation off, take the exposed end 2. Insert into Crimp. Put the wire into the crimp until it gets to a metal 3. Crimp! Grab the crimp in your crimping tool.
The main advantages of wire ferrules are: To make a nice, clean and secure connection to a terminal block Prevent wire strands from spreading out of a terminal possibly causing a short Provides 100% contact to wire Wire connector types:

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