Track Cutting Torch

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  • Track Torch Gas Pipe Cutting Straight Linear Gas Cutting Machine Efficient Gas Cutting Portable Flame Cutting Track Torch Cutter(Acetylene + Oxygen), Three of 70cm Tracks
RUGGED BODY: This torch track gas cutter machine is made of high quality aluminum alloy, precision craft, great walking stability, and is a portable and lightweight as an ideal portable machine. This track gas cutting can work with acetylene(Note: the machine could also be fitted with a CO3 cutting nozzle for propane gas cutting), and the user can replace the cutting tips as required. (PLEASE NOTE: Do not open the oxygen valve too large, and work with the industrial pressure gauge.)
TECH PARAMETERS: Thickness of steel plate cutting: 8-100mm; Regulating range: 50-750mm/min(stepless speed regulating); Diameter of circumference for cutting: Φ220-Φ2000mm; Input voltage: AC 110V 50HZ.
EASY to USE: The CG1-30 track torch gas pipe cutting come with three of 70cm tracks. Besides, the guide rails provide interface ends for the extended track. The user can according to your needs to connect the guide rail. This machine comes with a detailed manual and you can refer to it when using this product.
MULTIPLE FUNCTION: The Gas cutter machine can cut steel plates with a thickness of over 8mm. The machine also deals with circular cutting with the specification over Φ200mm, miter cutting, and V-shaped cutting. Besides, processes like flame hardening and plastic welding are also available with the auxiliary devices and the machine's independent power supply
WIDE APPLICATION: This Pipe Beveling Machine is suitable for petroleum, chemical, mechanical, processing, electricity, construction, mining industries, etc. Also suitable for other large, medium, and small enterprises to cut steel.

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