Turret Milling Machine

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  • Vertical Turret Milling Machine Usage/Application Engineering industry,Engineering industries Automation Grade Manual Table Size 1370x254mm
Machinery that rotates a circular tool that has several cutting edges symmetrically arranged about its axis. The tool is commonly held in a vise, and may also be held by clamping it to a table, clamped to a table. The workpiece may be clamped on a workbench, which is driven by power against the cutter. Cutting teeth are often on both peripheries of the tool and on its face. A typical end mill fits into an arbor mounted on the machine's spindle; it has cutting teeth on its face and spiral blades on its lateral surface to mill the teeth of a spur gear, a disk-type cutter with its cutting edges in the shape of the space between the teeth of the gear is milling the gear blank one space at a time.

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