Wall-Mounted Handrail

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  • Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Grab Bar, Towel Bar, Bathtub Rails, Safety Hand Support Balance Handle Bars, Bathroom Accessories for Home, Hotel- Chrome Finish

To make a bathroom all you need is a tap, shower and four walls, but to make a perfect bathroom for your rejuvenating needs you need to have a lot more than that. Presenting the Fortune Chrome Grab Bar, a decor friendly helping hand.
An accessory that provides strong support for the people you love! Help the elderly and the differently-abled and make their bathroom experience safe again with the Fortune Chrome Grab Bar that helps your loved ones even in your absence.
Here’s what makes it a desirable detail in your bathroom organising journey.
1)Quality: Made with stainless steel, giving you a corrosion-free, durable and long-lasting experience. The Fortune Chrome Grab Bar is also rust-free which makes it slip-resistant and gives you the safety you want for your loved ones.
2)Easy to Install: It shouldn’t take more than one person and a few minutes to install this bathroom accessory, to know more about installation, check out the installation guide video.
3)Inspiring Aesthetics: The Fortune Chrome Grab Bar is a kind and elegant addition to your bathroom makeover plans. It does not compromise the safety or the aesthetics of your bathroom decor.
Enhancing bathroom safety and instilling confidence for greater independence, the stainless steel grab bar provides a strong, durable option for the elderly, those with limited mobility, injuries or balance issues.

Versatile installation options allow the corrosion-resistant grab bar to positioned to provide optimal leverage and support for individuals.
The stainless steel bar is perfectly sized for a comfortable, secure grip and features a smooth, brushed nickel finish for fresh, clean look. Easily mount the metal grab bar vertically, horizontally or diagonally depending on your particular needs. The grab bar and included mounting hardware is suitable for installation on acrylic, fiberglass surfaces as well as plaster and drywall.

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